Meet the Racers of Rush & Bash!

Rush & Releases on May 1st, which is right around the corner! Rev your engines and get ready to put the peddle to the metal as you join some truly outrageous racers behind the wheel of incredible vehicles! In anticipation of the release, let’s learn a little more about the racers vying for the top with these Racer Bios!

Dragonbreath Finn races in The Fireball, a fiery red vehicle with a vicious roar. He’s a skilled trainer of dragons, and his squad of little “demolition experts” help him by dropping bombs on his opponents.

He loves spicy foods, earning him the nickname “Dragonbreath”. His goal is to become the greatest dragon knight in Baruffus, and he races to prove his worth.

Baron Skully is one of the mightiest Voodoo Sorcerers in all of Baruffus. The power of voodoo is not to be underestimated, and Baron Skully does it well. The entire world knows about his curses, and fears they will be the next to fall under his spell. Aided by his loyal voodoo dolls, the Baron never hesitates to use every trick in the book to win a race.

His car, Malicious Jinx, is fueled by the woe and misery of his victims, and boosted by the countless magical charms that make his voodoo magic so potent.

Lady Goodlight is one of the most famous heroines in Barruffus. She loves small birds, kitties, butterflies, sharp swords, and going really fast! Her car, Pretty Thunderbolt, is probably the fastest in the world, capable of lifting off and flying at supersonic speeds.

She wants to win, but she always plays fair. Luckily, the rules of the race allow for missiles!

Barbarossa is a dreadful buccaneer. His love of sailing the high seas is only matched by his love of racing in his car, the Pirate Bombard. He raced against the competition to reach the greatest treasure of the Stormy Seas, and now he wants to prove he’s the fastest racer on dry land as well.

The Pirate Bombard is equipped with A.H.R. Missiles (Ahrrrrr!) and the dreadful G.R.O.G. Canon (Gigantic Roaring Oversized Gunnery) from his own ship!

Skram is one of the leaders of the Order of Clubs and Axes, the revolutionary group that overthrew the Goblin King and helped establish an unlikely Goblin Republic. He’s fearless, and this enthusiasm often compensates for his lack of common sense.

His car, The Kingslayer, is equipped with a heavy club, but Skram is always prepared to switch to an axe should the situation call for it. Who knows? Skram is a wild card!

Gnomy Spark is a renowned genius, multi-millionare, philanthropist, and playboy. After he saved the world from the Undead Menace, he decided to go on holiday and pursue one of his passions: racing! Gnomy loves robots, so his car, the Sparkmobile IV, can transform into an enormous mech.

Though normally mild-mannered, when Gnomy gets behind the wheel he becomes focused and precise, ready to make the most of the arsenal of gadgets at his disposal to win the race.

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