Muse Contest on BoardGameGeek!

Throughout history, the great artists and creatives drew inspiration for their works from many sources. Whether they were people or personified forces, these inspirations that drive creation have taken many forms, and we have come to call them muses. When an artist has found their muse, that is when they are said to create their greatest works, their masterpieces. Now, it is your turn to don the mantle of the great artists, find your muse, and create a masterpiece! It is time to play Muse!

Inspire your teammates with cryptic clues and surreal imagery in Muse, a beautiful party game for 2-12 players with over 100 fully-illustrated cards. Challenge your creativity and intuition, listen closely, and let your muse guide you to your masterpiece!

To celebrate the launch of Muse on Wednesday, January 31st, we’re running a giveaway! Entering the giveaway will give you a chance to win your very own copy of Muse, but you’ll need to scour the BGG page for the game to answer a series of multiple choice questions using the information available. Answer correctly, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Muse! So, light your creative spark and find your muse! Where will it guide you?

Click Here for more info on how to enter and win!

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