Bubblee Pop


Bubblee Pop


Splash into Bubblee Pop!

Bubblees are small, round, colorful creatures floating
high in the sky, anxious to meet their friends below.
five different colors featuring five different special
abilities await as the Bubblees fall to their planet and
drop in on friends of the same shade.

Unlock unique effects as each set of colors pops, using
these advantages to maneuver your way to victory. So
stop, drop, and pop your way into a game of Bubblee Pop!
Two game modes: Versus & Solo!


  • Designed by Gregory Oliver
  • 1-2 players
  • 30′ game length
  • Ages 8+

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* Only sold in the United States and Canada

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What’s in the Box?

Just Under 100 Cute and Whimsical Components

  • 16 Red Bubblees
  • 16 Purple Bubblees
  • 16 Yellow Bubblees
  • 16 Blue Bubblees
  • 16 Green Bubblees
  • 16 Black Bubblees
  • 1 Bag
  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook

Welcome to the World of Bubblee Pop!

Meet the Bubblees, small, colorful creatures that float in the space between planets where they hang out with their friends, pulled every which way by gravity. They love to be together, but sometimes gravity pulls them down to the planets below, separating them from their kin. Those poor Bubblees! It’s up to you to gather the Bubblees together, using their special powers, and get them back up in the sky where they can float free and happy!

Get in on the Bubblee matching fun as you and a friend go head-to-head, or you take on solo challenges, to group up as many Bubblees as you can! Save as many Bubblees as you can in Bubblee Pop

Stop, Drop, and Pop!

Bubblee Pop is a pattern matching game for players 8+ from designer Grégory Oliver. Two players will compete head-to-head to complete sets of Bubblees with matching colors in order to score points and unleash the Bubblees’ special abilities! Or, you can take on a multitude of solo challenges!

Popping Bubblees

As players go head-to-head, their goal will be to set up groups of Bubblees with matching colors to get them to “pop.” When you group three or more Bubblees of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line, you’ll remove them from the board and put them into your scoring area. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score will win! But, the Bubblees have some surprises in store when you pop them!

Special Powers

Each color of Bubblee has its own unique power when you pop a group of that color. Red Bubblees will let you swap two horizontally or vertically adjacent Bubblees on your opponent’s planet. Green Bubblees will let you do the same on your planet. Yellow Bubblees let you remove a free Bubblee from your planet and put it directly into your scoring area. The Bubblees can do all sorts of things to help you out! So think carefully about what powers to take advantage of as the game goes on!

Splash into Bubblee Pop!

Gather as many Bubblees as you can as you enter the beautiful, magical world of Bubblee Pop!

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