Explore the Solar System!

Moons is the latest fun and exciting trick-taking card game from game designer Robert Burke!

Planets throughout our solar system feature well known and not-so-well known bodies orbiting them. Moons is perfect for those who not only want a fun game but may be interested in learning more about our universe in the process!

Featuring vibrant artwork of celestial bodies, sturdy moon tokens to keep track of your progress, and easy to learn rules, Moons is fun for all ages. Use your smarts, cunning, and planning to weave your way through the moons of our solar system and take down your opponents in true out-of-this-world fashion!

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What’s in the Box?

Over 150 High-Quality Components!

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 56 Moon Cards (14 of Each Suit)
  • 4 Asteroid Cards
  • 6 Player Aids
  • 17 Jupiter Tokens
  • 17 Saturn Tokens
  • 17 Neptune Tokens
  • 17 Uranus Tokens
  • 1 Earth’s Moon Token (First Player Marker)
  • 1 Earth Token
  • 1 Block Token
  • 38 Mini-Asteroid Cards

3…2…1… Liftoff!

Prepare yourself for an out of this world experience! Explore our solar system and outmaneuver your opponents in Moons, the astrological trick-taking game from designer Robert Burke! Each card teaches you something about the moons they represent, taking an opportunity for play and turning it into an opportunity to learn while playing! So, plan your strategy, build your tableau, and collect tokens to get the highest score, all while learning a little something about our celestial neighborhood. Don your space suit and prepare for liftoff in Moons!

Walking on the Moon!

Moons is a trick-taking, set-collecting game by designer Robert Burke. Players will deal a deck of cards, made up of four suits represented by planets in our solar system and the moons that encircle them. Each card is numbered from 1 to 14, and players will use the hand of cards they are dealt to build a tableau and compete with their opponents to take tricks. Players will select three of the cards in their hand to form their tableau, which will then influence the tokens they are allowed to take as the game plays out.

Taking Tricks The core of the game is very similar to Hearts, in which the starting player will lay out a card which will determine the suit of cards the other players must match. The winner of the trick is the player who played the highest value on-suit card, and they will take a token of their choice that matches one of the cards in their tableau. There are other ways to win tokens as well, so there is more to the strategy of the game than taking tricks!

Asteroids Ahoy! Moons adds an interesting twist to the classic Hearts formula by introducing Asteroid cards to the mix. Players receive mini-Asteroid cards, to be played when they play their card during a trick, that will allow them to mess with their opponents or protect themselves from being targeted. The full-size Asteroid cards will draw a player a new mini-Asteroid card in lieu of taking a trick for that round. This interactive dynamic adds a new layer of strategy to a classic formula!

Settling the Score When all the tricks have been taken and every player has had a chance to deal, scoring begins. The tokens each player collected over the course of the game will determine their score and, ultimately, who wins. Different combinations of tokens are worth different point totals, so try your best to get the most valuable combinations and stand victorious at the end of the game!

Over the Moon!

Space is yours to explore, and the tricks are yours for the taking! Outwit your opponents and stand victorious! Pick up your copy of Moons today!

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