Battle for Influence in the Steampunk Streets!

Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city of crime and clockwork that extends continuously to the rhythm of the gears that hold it together. Each player leads a crime syndicate and relies on their lieutenants and henchmen to exert their influence over the city’s wealthiest districts.

Set in a Steampunk universe, Noxford gives you the opportunity to seize control of the Victorian city that you build over the course of the game. Play your cards strategically to outmaneuver your opponents, and surround the city’s scoring areas with your gang members to win!


  • 2-4 players
  • 20′ game length
  • Ages 10+

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What’s in the Box?

A Deck of 55 Beautiful, High-Quality Cards!

  • 10 Syndicate Cards in Each of Four Colors
  • 1 Master
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 3 Toughs
  • 4 Punks
  • 15 Neutral Cards
  • 12 Districts
  • 3 Barracks

Welcome to Noxford!

Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city of crime and clockwork. As the head of a shady syndicate, you’ll rely on your lieutenants and henchmen to spread your influence throughout the city’s many districts and winding streets. Avoid the town watch, position the members of your gang at every corner . . .  and, most importantly, profit!

In Noxford, you and up to 3 friends will play as four factions vying for control of the city. Place cards in the city grid and try to keep districts that match your specialty within your sphere of influence. May the best Syndicate win!

A City of Crime and Clockwork

Fighting over territory is a natural consequence of having so many syndicates within the city. The city guard has trouble keeping tabs on the criminal underbelly. Play your pawns wisely and outmaneuver your opponents and the city guard to secure your territory and carry out your operations without a hitch!

Master of the Syndicate

Each syndicate is headed by a Master, the ultimate trump card in your constant battle for territory. On your turn, you can choose to play your Syndicate’s Master rather than another card. Not only does the Syndicate Master get counted twice when determining majorities, it also reveals your syndicate’s preferred districts. Each of the districts in your territory that match your preferred district will score you an additional two points!

Staying Neutral

In addition to your own hand of syndicate cards, there is a row of Neutral cards available to pull from. District cards have symbols on them which indicate their value to the syndicates. You’ll want to control the districts that match your syndicate’s preferred districts. The Barracks cards represent the pesky city watch. At the end of the game, each syndicate card touching a Barracks is flipped over and not counted when determining majorities for district control. You’ll have to be on the lookout for the Town Watch!

Like Clockwork

There are a select few Clockwork cards among the Neutral and Syndicate cards you can use to turn the tides in your favor or mess up the plans of your opponents. The cards with a clockwork frame will allow you to pick up and replay an unlocked card in the city. You can play the card you picked up in any way that follow the rules of placing cards. Put a wrench in your opponents’ plans and further your agenda with Clockwork cards!

The Top of the Pile

In the end, district control is granted to the Syndicate with the most Syndicate cards surrounding each district. Points are tallied, and the player with the most points controls the city and wins! So, get ready to visit the city of crime and clockwork and pick up Noxford today!

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