Rush & Bash: Winter is Now Expansion


Rush & Bash: Winter is Now Expansion


Take the Race to a Whole New Level!

The first expansion to Rush & Bash introduces a series of modular features. Mix and match these modules however you like to enhance your game experience.

Racing in icy winter conditions means drivers are faced with new challenges. Four arctic circuit sheets bring wild new obstacles, and exciting Magic Nitro effects arm players with powerful tools to aim at the environment and each other. Face off against mischievous penguins, slick turns, new racers…and even the vengeful ghost of a legendary driver!

Ladies and gentlemen….start your engines!

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* Only sold in the United States and Canada

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What’s in the Box?

Over 100 High-Quality Components!

  • 4 Double-Sided Circuit Boards
  • 2 Helmet Markers
  • 2 Car Sheets
  • 3 Car Figures
  • 1Ranking Strip
  • 55 Cards
  • 20 Counters (16 Ice Plates, 2 Hearts, 2 Stars)
  • 16 Magic Nitro Tokens
  • 1 Iceberg
  • 3 Scenographic Elements
  • 1 Penguin Arch

Rush & Bash Heads North!

The Rush & Bash racers have conquered the dangers of the track, but are they prepared for an even greater challenge? The race moves to the Great White North in Rush & Bash: Winter is Now, with new challenges to overcome and new challengers to the title of Best Racer in Baruffus!

Bust out the snow tires, turn up the heat, and get ready to race in Rush & Bash‘s first expansion! Two new racers, new tracks, and new abilities shake things up and keep players on their toes as they rocket toward the finish line. Not to mention, the northern climes of Baruffus have some interesting legends of their own. So, get back in the driver’s seat with Rush & Bash: Winter is Now!

Two New Racers Join the Fray!

As the race picks up steam, it attracts more promising racers from across Baruffus! Two new challengers hit the track in order to win the coveted title of Best Racer in Baruffus!

Max Monkey hails from the dense jungles of Baruffus, so he’s a little out of his element in the cold and snow. But, he won’t let that stop him from aiming for the top! With his Bananamobile, he can slip up the competition and race ahead in the chaos!

Mara Frost is used to difficult terrain in her work as an explorer and archaeologist. She’s determined to uncover the Legendary Golden Car of Captain Baruffus said to be hidden in the ice and snow of the north. Her car, Mirage, helps her avoid the dangers of the raceway as she looks for clues that will leas her to her goal. But, she won’t let that stop her from winning along the way!

Shake Up Your Game!

A new track brings new challenges for players to overcome on their way to victory. The race will be difficult, but players also have new tools at their disposal to help them along the way!

New Effects and Spin Status
Rush & Bash: Winter is Now introduces two new effects on the Rush and Sprint Cards that players can take advantage of as they race! Power Up makes your car invincible until your next turn, preventing damage and increasing the damage you dole out. You can even discard a Power up card during another player’s turn to prevent damage from one source!

The Freezing Gun
lets players place Ice Plates on the track, causing players who drive over them to Spin Out! Players in Spin Status must spend movement to turn their car around and continue moving forward. Missiles even fire backward while in Spin Status, so things are sure to get hectic!

The Legendary Captain Baruffus
The Legendary Golden Car of Captain Baruffus has been spotted on the track! Players who collect the Golden Car will be granted a boon that helps them get back into the race when they fall too far behind. The Golden Car is elusive, though, and can easily disappear from the track should it take damage. Be on the lookout for this ace in the hole!

There’s one more thing that makes this leg of the race even more high-octane than normal. Magic-Nitro! Players can choose to take a random Magic-Nitro token when they go off track, rather than increasing their star power. Players will also give out Magic-Nitro when they perform their Special Power or an Advanced Move. These tokens can be cashed in for a variety of effects that can get you out of danger, get you ahead, or put the hurt on your opponents!

Winter is Now!

There’s a lot to explore in Rush & Bash‘s first expansion, so dress warm and head north. Winter is Now! Get your copy of Rush & Bash: Winter is Now today!

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