Rush & Bash


Rush & Bash


A Fast-Paced Racing Game of Outrageous Proportions!

Rush & Bash is a racing game turned on its head! With explosive weapons, unique special abilities, and giant obstacles to overcome, go head-to-head with two to six players in one crazy race. Cruise past your opponents, use your rockets to knock them out, drop bombs in your wake, and watch out for boulders on the track as you make your way to the finish line. So put the pedal to the metal and get ready to Rush & Bash!

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* Only sold in the United States and Canada


Rush & Bash: Winter is Now Expansion Available!


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What’s in the Box?

Over 100 High-Quality Components!

  • 12 Double Sided Circuit Boards
  • 12 Warpgate Tokens
  • 1 Judge’s Ruler
  • 6 Character Sheets
  • 1 Track Die
  • 6 Cars Figures
  • 8 Boost Tiles
  • 31 Boost Cards
  • 24 Rush Cards
  • 2 Ranking Strips
  • 6 Helmet Markers
  • 35 Counters (14 Boulder, 9 Bombs, 6 Hearts, 6 Stars)
  • 1 Ugly Snout Marker
  • 1 Starting Line Piece
  • 1 Volcano Piece
  • 1 Bridge Piece

Start Your Engines!

It’s a beautiful day at the Rush & Bash races and the competitors have gotten into their positions at the starting line. They’re all competing to see who will be named the greatest racer in all of Baruffus, and they’re willing to do whatever they can to come out on top! Their vehicles are in prime condition, outfitted with the latest tech to give them every edge they can get.

Truly, these are the most skilled racers Baruffus has ever seen! Who will win the coveted title of Best Racer in Baruffus? It’s anyone’s game! So, place your bets and strap in, folks. The Rush & Bash race is about to begin, and I promise you’ve never seen anything like it before!

Pick Your Racer!

There’s no shortage of talent and promise among this year’s Rush & Bash racers. When the game begins, each player will pick one of the six racers to represent them. Each racer has their own unique special power that will help them out in a pinch and put the other racers on the back foot!

Team up with Dragonbreath Finn and his squad of firebreathing dragons! Baron Skully will curse anyone that stands in his way! Extreme speed is bound to serve you well if you go with Lady Goodlight! Hoist the mainsail and set off with Barbarossa the ballistic buccaneer! Smash everything in your path on the way to victory with Skram! Or, make use of the superior intellect and good looks of the brilliant inventor, Gnomy Spark! The choice is yours!

Get in Gear!

Once you’ve chosen your racer, the game kicks into gear. Players will move their cars along the track, avoiding obstacle and other racers as they try to make it across the finish line first. New sections of track will be revealed as the race goes on, so players can only plan so far ahead. The racers will need to be able to improvise, as things can get hectic at the drop of the hat in Rush & Bash!

It’s In the Cards

Players will make use of the Sprint and Rush cards as they’re making their moves. Each card will have a symbol that represents an effect, and an acceleration value. The effect is optional, but the acceleration value represents how many spaces the player may move their car that turn. Hitting the gas is how you move forward, but the effects really shake things up for you and your opponents!

Change lanes by moving your car to an adjacent empty space!

Place a bomb on an adjacent space and watch the mayhem unfold!

Fire a missile straight in front of you to smash opponents and obstacles alike!

Patch up your car after taking heavy damage so you don’t go off track!

Build up star power to use your racer’s special ability!


Going Off Road

The race isn’t all fun and games, though. When players take damage and don’t have another heart point to lose, they go off track, suffering a huge setback in the process. Avoiding danger is huge part of the game, as boulders, bombs, missiles, and other cars present a constant barrage of threats. Not to mention the hazards some of the tracks bring with them!

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The Winner’s Circle

If you manage to stay on the track and get ahead of the other racers, you’ll be on your way to the winner’s circle! Prove that you are the greatest racer in all of Baruffus! Get your copy of Rush & Bash today!

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