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Players, start your engines! Jump into the driver’s seat and get ready to join the wild world of wacky racers competing against each other to determine once and for all who the greatest racer is! Rush & Bash will pit you against your fellow racers in a contest of speed and cunning, as you play cards to move your racer along the increasingly dangerous track. Players will be jostling for position, dodging around obstacles, and using their special moves and attacks to knock each other off the track and out of contention. Will you make it through the madness and cross the finish line first?

As if the base game wasn’t enough by itself, Rush & Bash: Winter is Now provides multiple new layers of fun for you to enjoy! The first expansion to Rush & Bash takes players to arctic climbs where they’ll have to compete with ice, snow, and increasingly treacherous conditions in addition to each other. And what’s that? Could it be? The legendary Golden Car of Captain Baruffus himself has entered the fray! If you’re able to ally yourself with the Legendary Golden Car, you could find yourself rocketing into the lead! With new dangers around every corner, it could be anyone’s game!

To celebrate the launch of Rush & Bash and its first expansion, Rush & Bash Winter is Now, on Monday, May 1st, we’re running a giveaway! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is answer a series of multiple choice questions using the information available on the Rush & Bash and Winter is Now BGG pages. Answer correctly, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of both Rush & Bash and Rush & Bash: Winter is Now! So, rev your engines and get to the starting line. Rush & Bash awaits you!

Click Here for more info on how to enter and win!

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