Veggie Garden Contest on Board Game Geek

Put on your gardening gloves and grab your pruning shears! It’s time to get to work in the community garden! Welcome to Veggie Garden, where it’s your job to make sure the community garden grows a bountiful harvest of vegetables. Cultivate your crop carefully to score as many point as possible and prove you have the greenest thumb of the bunch!

Veggie Garden is a set collecting/card drafting game for 2-4 players from new game designer Kelly North Adams. Draft veggie cards from the harvest to manipulate the garden and maximize the value of the vegetables you add to your hand! And watch out for the pesky gopher and rabbit! They’re sure to mess up your plans when you least expect it! With it’s easy to learn mechanics and cute art style, Veggie Garden is sure to be a hit the whole family can enjoy!

To celebrate the launch of Veggie Garden on April 4th, we’re running a giveaway for all you would-be gardeners! To enter the giveaway, dive into the rules for Veggie Garden and answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on the game. Flex your horticultural knowledge for a chance to win a copy of Veggie Garden and an exclusive signed print featuring art from the game!

Click for more info on how to enter and win!

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