What’s New in Rush & Bash: Winter is Now?

Rush & Bash: Winter is Now is an expansion to the base Rush & Bash game. You may be asking yourself: what’s new in the Winter is Now expansion? Well, we’re happy to give a peek into what Rush & Bash’s first expansion has to offer!

Two New Racers!

Rush & Bash: Winter is Now will introduce two new racers to the game, allowing for the maximum number of players to go up from six to eight! Meet the newest additions to the race track:

Max Monkey hails from the deep jungles of Baruffus. When he was young, he trained his skills in Bananick (a famous sport among monkeys), and now he joins the race in the Bananamobile designed by the renowned mad scientist Frank Monkey. He hopes it will give him the edge against his bitter rival, Gnomy Spark.

The Bananamobile was designed with a mechanism to spill oil on the track, but Max had other ideas. Rather than spilling oil, he dumps his discarded banana peels on the track. The end result is pretty much the same as far as he’s concerned.

Mara leads a fascinating life as one of Baruffus’ archaeologists and explorers. She is renowned for her discoveries and has joined the Rush & Bash race to find proof of the legendary Captain Baruffus and his Golden Car!

Mirage, her car, is outfitted with an idol from the Ugly Snout Temple which can teleport her almost anywhere on the track. She keeps the idol a secret, though, passing off her success as incredible navigational skill.

New Tracks & Mechanics!

Winter is Now also introduces some fun new mechanics and tracks to mix things up as the racers compete against one another.

Freezing Gun and Power Up

The expansion adds 55 new Sprint and Rush cards to the mix, featuring all new effects. Use the Freezing Gun to put down Ice Plates and make the road more treacherous for your opponents. Or use your Power Up to make yourself invincible and increase the amount of damage you dole out. You can even discard Power Ups to prevent damage from a single source!

Ice Plates and Spin Status

Ice Plates can cause all sorts of mayhem for drivers who are unprepared. If a driver moves over an ice plate, they’ll spin out and turn their car 180 degrees. It’ll take multiple movements, a repair effect, or going over another ice plate to get going in the proper direction again. While in Spin Status, missiles and other special powers will fire backwards, so things may not go according to plan!

Furbots and Captain Baruffus

An iteration of the Bots from the base game, the Furbots are a little harder to deal with than their counterparts. If you’re looking for some additional challenge, consider throwing some Furbots into your next game of Rush & Bash! Of course, that isn’t the only new challenge that awaits you. You could come across the Legendary Golden Car of Captain Baruffus, a special power up that can turn the tides for the player at the back of the pack.

Winter is Now!

Rush & Bash: Winter is Now adds a lot to the Rush & Bash experience, so be sure to check it out when Rush & Bash and Winter is Now release on May 1st!

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